Our Work

We assist member states in effectively and efficiently carrying out their obligations under the major human security pillars which include Economic security, Food security, Health security, Environmental security, Personal security, Community security and Political security through Research, Early Warning, Training, Advocacy to policy makers and Sensitization of the citizens.

Our Key Projects

  1. Bee keeping for environmental restoration in Buhunga sub-county, Buhweju district.
  2. Combating Hate Speech in the Great Lakes Region
  3. Environmental Restoration in dry pastoralist areas in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.
  4. Implementation of Article 39 in Uganda- on Clean and Healthy Environment.
  5. Peace Education and sensitization among the Youth.
  6. Enhancing Digital literacy in rural areas.
  7. Establishment of a Knowledge Repository on Human Security.
  8. Establishment of SMART villages.
  9. One Stop Centre for Sexual Violence Survivors
  10. Tracking what does (not) Work in Uganda’s Parish Model of Development