Assisting Member States in Carrying 

Human Security

Obligations through

Research Early Warning Training Advocacy to policy makers  Sensitization of the citizens.


Promoting and Maintaining Standards in Human Security

Regional Center for Human Security-Great Lakes Region (RC4HS-GLR) is an independent, Non-profit Organization that was registered in Uganda in 2019.

Working in 14 Countries of the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa, the RC4HS-GLR supports stakeholders in translating the seven dimensions of Human Security into praxis. The point of departure is that countries commit to well-intentioned obligations at regional and international level but the challenge has always been implementation of those commitments (praxis).

Mr Nathan Mwesigye Byamukama
Regional Director RCHS-GLR

Our Mandate

To assist member states in effectively and efficiently carrying out their obligations under the major human security pillars which include Economic security, Food security, Health security, Environmental security, Personal security, Community security and Political security through research, early warning, training, advocacy to policy makers and sensitization of the citizens